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5 The Art of Using Colors in Logo Designing
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Color up the beautiful world of logo with the right selection of colors. It happens to play a pivotal role in the process of logo creation. It helps establish a brand because colors actual leave behind an impression long after we have removed our sight from the logo. Take for instance, the bright colors of Google, the orange and purple colors of FedEx, or the bright red color of Coca Cola – the presence of bright colors in the logo enhances their recall value and builds up product identity, which is very significant because the perceptive human mind (be it kids or adults) try to remember an object by their colors and shades.

One Cannot Learn About Logo Colors

Logo designers should have an intuitive knowledge about color selection. What colors to choose is in itself an art form – this no body can teach a graphic designer. He or she has to have a colorful and creative bent of mind to play around with color combinations while designing a business logo.

Business logo designing is not at all a child’s play. Several factors need to be kept in mind like the target audience, human emotion, and the market. Based on these factors suitable colors(s) should be chosen. The perfect combination of all these can give birth to the most unique and innovative logo design. The best logos of the world are perfect examples because they strongly proclaim the brand identity. One of the great logo designing tips is to follow the global trend and identify current preference for colors.


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